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is a famous well known online website in singapore
they offer wide variety of product for women and men
from top to toe , it's a one stop shopping website

if you're just like me who dislike someone follow
you around the store that give you abit of stress 
as they will start to hard sell you their product

or if you went into a well known branded store
and the staff gave you cold reply as if you cannot 
afford their product just because it cost SGD $250 above

i'm a working adult not a high school student
i can afford that amount just that the staff attitude suck
i rather spend my money elsewhere where i can get more
variety design to choose from without any pressure 

now look over here for the website

 this is how ZALORA SG look like

not only you can find women product
guy can enjoy shopping here too !

 it also come with Filter system 

if you want to save time just filter out the size like i do
because i can only wear xxs or xs and it's so much convenient

the website is neat and you can search product easily !

Bag Bag Bag !

i was looking around in the shopping mall for bag
as i feel there is a need to change my old bag that i've
been using for 3 years , wanted to buy 1 for lesson another
small bag for work and i like this EZRA Dog Hook Metalware Bag

i shall start my shopping spree on ZALORA
hope bf won't scold me for spending too much

 EZRA By Zalora
Braided Triple Tour Wrap Watch

was clicking around to see any interesting stuff
and here is it , i like this so much come in 3 colour


Now are you ready to follow and shop at

because i am !

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