Monday, July 28, 2014

Shop Online For ALDO Shoes

ALDO first arrived in Singapore back in 2003, 
and now have stores in many locations across the Singapore.

the stylist i worked with previously love ALDO shoes 

as they are so comfy since they have to stand long hour for whole day

looking for nice stylish heels , boots etc yet
lazy to go out and squeeze with the crowd? no problem !

Shop Online For ALDO Shoes

this is how it look like
you can shop for women / men shoes
not forgetting accessories & handbags to match !


 Casual Sandals are the best choice when you go to beach or
 when you're having your off day,  just let your feet have a day off too
from the high heels , relax and go shopping with this Sandals 

lady who loves long skirt , this is your best choice !


i love this heels but you know i can't handle such
high heels and i can only envy lady who dare to wear this <3

 this is my style !! i love this !!
but i like the one below too ...

which should i get ??

both of it can match with short or skirt to get a casual image
i think it can go well with skinny jeans too , it will be cool !

thats not all , guys don't feel left out 
check this below !


this is good for casual look 
3/4 short will match well


 i think this really suits guy who wear jean 
it's stylish and nice not so boring !

if you don't like light or bright color
don't worry you can find black stylish shoes here too

i can't wait to get a pair for myself too
high chance for me to aim for wedge sneakers
still considering on that 2 design 

Shop Online For ALDO Shoes
 check out more design on the website!

LET'S GO !!! LET'S GO !!!

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