Monday, February 2, 2015

Vans Singapore

regardless of what age you are
most of our time are spend outdoor
be it for school , work , or normal lifestyle
we need a pair of comfortable footwear

during my secondary school days
higher secondary student were wearing
different type of sneaker from us 
it was a trend back then

the skater style
any brand came to your mind?



until now you can still see many people wearing 
vans sneaker over other brand , the reason
because it's comfortable and stylish

let's take a closer look on why its special


i always like this kind of blue it gave out a fresh look
look at the fine details on the sneaker the combination is nice

 the most important thing is the to check the bottom of the shoes
however no matter how nice and comfortable the shoe is
my main concern is if it anti slip, look like this is a good one

shopping online is easy when you can zoom in the picture
to see the fine details , stay casual and stylish with this pair 


everyone know red color is sexy
and this pair sexiness break its limits
just look at the inner leopard print 
don't you want to own one ? 

this unisex sneaker is the most common design you will see
student wearing in white color , however i know many
girls in their school days will own a extra red to match their
skirt or jean with that skater looks even they can't skate 

well who cares if you can't skate 
as long you look hot with that pair of nice sneaker 

looking for more design you can also checkout
this link below 

Vans Singapore

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