Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Review : Marugoto Shokudou , Katong Laksa , CNY Goodies

sorry for the lack of update as too tired after work
it's always midnight after my shower and late dinner

as i mentioned the Japanese Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio 
i went was really horrible , it's expensive and tasted "yuckz" 

well it's gonna be a short review as i don't think i have much
to share except for sharing how bad my food tasted

this tamago sushi is tasteless 
i only love sweet tamago sushi 
this sushi costs $5 

you know i don't mind paying for good food
but $5 for something tasteless is seriously bad

food that my family ordered

i ate this beef curry rice and was taken aback by 
how weird the curry tasted , it was way too salty !

i can cook better than this curry with  
Vermont Curry Sauce 

overall the pricing is expensive the food tasted bad , 
i won't recommend you to dine there unless
 you want to try how bad the food is :p  
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 Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner
on my last offday i went katong with my mum 
to get CNY goodies for my family 

so i met up with my mum and off to katong

 328 Katong Laksa

my family always went to this stall for laksa 
look at those celebrities that went there too

my brunch for that day ! 
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after our brunch , we walked to 
Glory Catering to purchase CNY goodies

from left to right 

Pineapple Tart / Kim Hock Guan Bak Kwa
Kueh Baulu / Love Letter ( Tin )
Chilli Tapioca Crackers / Crunchy Puff Peanut

every year we will get all this from glory catering
1 thing to mention is avoid the Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan

i bought from fook hai building outlet before and it tasted good
didn't expect the katong outlet have such low quality Bak Kwa
basically it's so hard that scissor cannot cut , knife cannot chop
super disappointed , i will avoid getting from them next year

  do share nice cny goodies if you live in singapore !

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