Friday, February 21, 2014

How is your feb ?

didn't update my blog for very long time 
starting to get more and more busy nowdays
having lesson with bf during our offday 
so not much time to update

anyway during chinese new year 
went to bf's sis home to wait for bf's family
as they all went to give out food to old people
so nice of them right? 

while waiting for them this cutie sat on my lap right after

went to bf's relative house after that
 for that 2 public holiday we had alot of laughter
 thanks to bf's niece until now i still can remember
 all the funny moment , seriously funny

on 4 feb , it was our offday bf's auntie called
she invite us to her chalet as everyone will be going
since we are working on the next day we went there
for bbq session and impressed by the nice view

kids playing beside the sea

nice flower beside the stair

view from the 2nd level

 delicious chicken curry cooked by bf's grandma

i ate so much bread with this curry too delicious
bf was disappointed when his grandma did not cook
this curry when we visited her house 
but we ate it at the chalet so excited :)

aunty's cat

giving a face :)

beautiful cat

while bf is setting up the bbq pit fire
this beautiful cat came , very sweet cat who follows you around
it's sad that it actually hopping around as it has walking difficulty

night time sitting beside the door

look at how playful it can be 

this year valentine's day did not went out have nice meal with bf
as i was working on that day but it's alright because everyday,
anyday can be valentine day for us :P

yesterday i was feeling really cold at night during work
having fever, headache and dizzy and when i reached bf home
 after taking shower he went down to buy cooling water for me
and made dinner for me but what surprised me was this

he made this hot coke & ginger for me 
first time having this, it tasted nice <3

anyway i will only blog again next friday
i've a sponsored review coming up 
still trying to see the result before i post
do check back for the review !

ending the post with my latest picture
finally hair abit longer 
bye for now <3

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