Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Past Neoprint Days

was looking through all the old neoprint pictures
that i've took with my cousin and best friends over the past years
we always hangout together with the group name " kuku family "

sorry for all the blur neoprint picture
as scanner wasn't great during that year
you can see my face was round due to baby fats
 i was really fat and so my face was all bloated after

neoprint from 2006 - 2009

March 2006

June 2006
Me & Cousin Stella

 June 2006 
Yvonne & Me 

 August 2006
Jiaobao , Stella , Me

August 2006
 Me , Yvonne , Stella 

October 2006
Me , Yvonne

October 2006
Yvonne & Me

following year on 2007
my face seem to have lesser baby fats
it's the years they started to demand me
to stand infront whenever we going for neoprint

 January 2007
Top : Stella , Me , Jiabao
Bottom : Me , Jiabao , Stella

 March 2007
Me & Stella

April 2007
Stella's Mum , Me , Stella

April 2007
Yvette , Stella's Mum , Yvonne
Stella & Me

May 2007
Yvonne , Yvette
Me & Stella

June 2007

 August 2007
Me & Stella  

October 2007
 Stella , Me , Yvonne

as stella was pregnant with precious that year
we actually stopped taking neoprints
 as it's bad for her health 

January 2008
Me & Yvonne

the day she had makeover for a magazine 
i first met up bf around this period too to pass him
hair clipper for his NS 

Mar 2008
Cousin Johnson , Stella , Yvette
Yvonne & Me

 we met up to see the baby

 May 2008
Me & Yvonne
Yvette & Raidon , Stella & Baby Precious

took this neoprint on my birthday 
raidon came along ( Yvonne's nephew )
also the last neoprint we took on 2008

June 2009
Me , Precious , Stella 
( Cherris in Stella's tummy :X )

this was the first & also last neoprint we took in 2009
we don't go for neoprint ever since as we were
using better camera phone and it's free 

overall i was chubby during that few years
will post picture from camera phone on next post
it's was picture that i started to slim down abit 

 a good news from lovely sista yvette
her bf popped the question  !!
really happy for her  <3

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