Tuesday, September 24, 2013

nice show !

sorry for not updating this few days
lately been watching quite many show

i wonder how many of you here watch
South Korean Variety Show : Running Man ?

do not miss this 2 episode by 

 2PM, APink, Girl's Day, 
Infinite, Beast, MBLAQ and Sistar 

Episode 162

 Big Bang


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if you can understand mandarin here something good 

 taiwan idol drama
currently i'm watching KO One - React 

sorry for the blur picture but look who so pretty here ?!

he is Jiro Wang
if you don't know him , go google it :)

 you should watch KO One - React
it's 3rd series of KO One , a hilarious taiwan idol drama

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i've so much thing to post 
but i shall end here for now

today is my last day for work
i'll be free from tomorrow onwards
until my next job starts

by the way i have many old picture 
and realized i've changed quite alot

maybe i shall make a post about that 
with many of my ugly past time to recently

it might be fun
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