Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY - New Look For Your Mirror

i'm gonna share my great buy of bendable wire mirror

it's a circle mirror with the back of flower look

it can be bend to a stand mirror

or twisted around anywhere you like with it

seriously this is so cute !! 
bought it at $3.90 only at
 ARIES Accessories
   photo footer.png
actually i looking for a mirror which can turn 360 °
but ARIES selling near $9 for it so i try my luck
and i found it at DAISO !

back of the mirror 

actually there is a big scratch on the bottom stand 
i was like disappointed for a moment because i tried
to pick a perfect one but it's all wrapped in a plastic 
it's kinda hard to make sure there are no scratches

Testing the mirror for me :P

i suddenly remembered that we've quite alot of big sheet sticker
so i decided to DIY and transform my plain mirror to something interesting
and most of all to cover the big scratch mark on the bottom stand

so on the other day i also bought 2 scissors from DAISO
i love to shop at DAISO where everything cost $2 only

1 is for opening potato chips or other snacks
while another is for cutting the sticker sheet 

this sticker sheet we bought it at Nex Shopping Mall -  BLUEZ
and some from POPULAR bookshop last year
 anyway during that time it cost $2.90 each

at first i wanted to use the purple color leopard print 
but bf said the original print looks better so i decided
 to use the one beside the purple because it matched our cushion too 

it's kinda hard to cut the shape since it's not a square 
and so the final result of my DIY wasn't perfect

anyway i'm happy with the final result
it's so much interesting than before !!
it will be great if i know how to add LED light
 onto this leopard print mirror .. maybe i should google it when i'm free :)

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