Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Congrats Mindy ! - Giveaway Winner

My Giveaway End 

Congrats To Mindy !!
do check your email 

thank you everyone for your support !
do look out for next giveaway , for facebook follower only

i thought of other way to pick a winner for next giveaway
like maybe at the end of the contest i will write down all
the follower name who've joined the giveaway

 put it in box , i will just pick the winner from there
 and i'll video it down the whole process , it will be interesting <3

so remember to like my Facebook page 
and remember to tick for all updates 

i've also change my blog skin 
shall edit more tomorrow  :D
    photo footer.png
 currently i'm in a weird mood
even though i've went for my job interview
and everything seem alright as for now 

 i have not get a clear instruction about 

what time to report for work and 
 the attired i need to get for work too

it's like so many things not confirmed yet
and i only left 2 weeks for new job it's kinda scary

as a part of me afraid there's a change in the plan

i just hope to get a answer tomorrow 
from the lady who in charge of my case :/

 photo footer.png  photo footer.png
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