Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review - Blush Inc Brush

lately i spend quite alot of money ~.~
i can't help but keep looking at Qoo10
also known as Gmarket previously 

i bought 3 brush from a store there


delivery was very fast i got my item like within 3 days
the price is very reasonable at least for me just $2.50
depend on what brush you buying some cost extra $1 - $5
also their standard delivery rate was free register mail

Small Definer Brush
- Brush 004 -

Cost : $2.50

bought this for lower lash line 
can be use with gel , liquid , powder product

Shader Brush
- Brush 006 -

Cost : $3.50

this is for eye shadow although i don't really apply eye shadow
but since it's affordable so i just buy it in case for future use

Contour Brush
- Brush 015 -

Cost : $6.50

i bought this for bronzing use 
i must say that the brush are all really soft
 i'm very happy as it only cost me $12.50 for this 3 brush
 too bad they don't ship internationally 
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this few days i'm kinda tired 
good thing is that having offday tomorrow and monday

will be heading back home to print contract
and i'm missing mum's home cook food and soup

finally can relax just like this after tonight

please ignore the scar at my left " carrot leg " caused by sandfly
they love my blood too much and leaving scar as they like

i did something crazy this morning

my hp alarm rang and i wanted to reset it to 15 mins later
i kept pressing my phone till i heard " toodoo " x 4 
was wondering where that sound came from 

i  looked at my phone and " dialing father's hp " on the screen
so all the while i was actually pressing my phone with eyes closed
but i thought i was looking at my phone ! =.="

* actually i'm in my sleep and dreaming while i pressing the phone *

so what i did after that was hurry end the call before my dad pick up
and wadsapp him i accidentally called him and nothing urgent :X

i wonder if you all have something similar like this before?

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