Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Post

Last week after work bf already sleeping
i cooked my own dinner after taking shower

Campbell's Corn with chicken soup
i added macaroni in and it's delicious :D

anyway lately during work time i bought
 F&N Nutrisoy Milk with Almond

it's nice but the sugar somehow seem high
 even it's already reduced sugar version 

so i only buy this like once a week

 12.5g sugar per serving
1 packet contain 2 serving :0
so i stick to my Dasani water most of the time

i bought new air fresher for work use
it's spray type and smell nice :D

i really can't stand the oily smell coming
from astons so no choice gotta spend money on this


by the way had lunch with family last sunday
made a new spectacle too wadsapp bf to 
help me choose the frame and the uncle
is super friendly and nice 

shall update the address and picture
when i collect my new spectacle 

here a fake spectacle without lens 

blur picture

 nah my new spectacle frame not so big
anyway i won't be wearing contact lens
so often anymore shall really let my eyes rest