Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Optician At Toa Payoh

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and guess what. i just realized that i didn't add the 
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i only have Google Plus follower app in my blog 
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 i am going to recommend everyone a good optician
as everyone knew that i got a new spectacle early this month

shall share some picture with you first

Nice Casing
New Love

Tample with Braun Buffer Logo Icon

the uncle optician is very professional to me
i just show him a picture of the frame i want
told him that i want it narrow on the nose pad area
and he pick a few very quickly for me to choose

he is really friendly too 
he doesn't mind i took my own sweet time 
when i can't decide as i even took picture
 and Wadsapp bf to help me choose

anyway the shop is small 
but just look at the crowd in the shop
you will know they are really good 
with many regular customer

while waiting for bf to reply 
the optician helped me check with my eye sight degree etc
went in the room for a very short and quick test

after bf replied in a short while 
we were already choosing the lens 
after all the price is acceptable 

after discount everything was like $360
i think the price is good with a nice frame 
good lens and warm professional service

below is the address

Asia Optics & Contact Lens Centre

 the one i went is Asia Optics & Contact Lens Centre
do go there if you need a to visit a optician :D

alright i shall end here 
gotta edit my blog layout :)