Saturday, August 3, 2013

Random post

as i am busy with changing blogskin
doing some banner and such so 
i don't have much time to update blog

i bought new eyeliner and love it
will update a review on that 

it's hard for me to concentrate 
as i'm working in shopping mall  

with people walking around 
i had to stop doing what i'm doing
 to serve the customer etc

another hour to knock off work
tomorrow my offday ! 

will have more time to edit the blog
hope i don't slack too much tomorrow

there are food photo that supposed to update
but i'm only going to upload now :S

beef steak and bacon pasta

boiled potato with melted cheese mayo & bacon bits

both cooked by bf and his mum
always feel so loved by them hehe

 ending my post with the cute girl


thank you for visiting my blog :) 

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