Friday, August 23, 2013

Upcoming Review

back to blog ! gonna be a long post 

firstly thank you everyone who joined the giveway
i've add some more option for you to earn more entries
do check the giveaway post and fill in Rafflecopter 
to check what new option for you to earn :)

i didn't reply to your comments on the giveaway post
so its easier for me to track hope you all don't mind :)

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 17th night i received sponsored product 
which i will do a review on behalf of my mum 

review will be post on 28th august afterall
it take time to see if any improvement so to be fair

passed it to her on 20th night when i got home
as the next day we going to pay homage
to beloved grandma / grandpa in the noon at 

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

in Chinese cultural 7th lunar month always fall on august
it's the month we called " hungry ghost month / festival "
if you wanna know more you can click here to wiki

went to wait for bf off work after that
bf sick, he having fever and headache 
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22nd august morning i went to see doctor instead of him
my nose hurt every night since last week when i pressed
it hard i start having running nose like non stop for 5 mins

doctor said it's Inflammation and gave me some pill
i asked him if i could start wearing contact lens again
he replied yes but have to be caution make sure it's clean

Yay~ like finally i can't wait to get new lens 
but i'll get those design daily disposal contact lens

by the way 

thanks to bf for helping me to collect my prize
at singpost on 20th as no one at home on 19th
 when the delivery man came, me and bf was outside 
buying his gundam stuffs and such 

i can't do review for this hada labo prize
 yet as i have acne on healing process right now 
in order not to cause any inflammation on my skin
 i shall wait few more days before i start applying

so i've already plan my blog post
 but its for you to come back here
and check out what post it is all about :)

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