Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Weekend Post

hi everyone i added a link to my instagram
feel free to add me i'll follow you too 

by the way i didn't take picture of the
 celebration of my mum birthday

because there's a funeral nearby 

the place we having dinner so 
its not really nice to take picture 
since now is so called " ghost month " too

anyway had a great dinner
 since all of the family member is there
the last time we had dinner together was at
2nd bro's wedding which was like last year 

i bought a cake for mum

anyway after that went back to bf's home
and at late night went to buy some sweets

watch a boring movie and went to sleep half way

woke up at only 3 plus pm today 
had a nice sleep for like 12 - 13 hours :X

just now we went for supper at macdonald
came back and this pretty cat was at the staircase

bf gave it some food outside the door
after awhile it came inside walked around
and rested at the sofa lolx

alright stop here shall go to sleep now
it's 3.17am here , if i've left out your bloglovin
do let me know again !!