Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Momiji Japanese Buffet

yesterday bf wanted to go for steamboat
 at first we wanna go Shabu Sai but 
after i read those review i decided not to 
i want to eat at restaurant with hotpot and desserts

Danro by MOF should be the one bf will wanna go more

anyway i remembered a friend Elaine went to Momiji
 those picture she took so nice so i asked bf to go Momiji instead

although it's $34.80 for weekdays dinner
after 10% service charge and 7% gst
total bill was $81.92 for 2 pax

kinda expensive but each person is entitled 
to a bottle of sapporo beer , you will need receipt to redeem
i don't drink beer by the way kinda a waste here 

the best part is they got so much food for you to choose

 Tamago , Kani , Inari ,
Chicken Wing , Tonkatsu, Croquettes

this are our starter as we're too hungry 
our first meal of the day at 6pm !

Salmon Sashimi

there are other sashimi
 but i'm those who don't eat raw food
 bf was the one eating the salmon sashimi

 Snow Crab Legs

this is so juicy and sweet!
i only ate 6 of it next time if we're still going
i wanna eat more snow crab legs super yummy

 Wagyu Beef 

this is good too actually there's a cup of gravy 
for us to pour in but we didn't notice it 
anyway without gravy it is still delicious !

 Pork Belly Paper Steamboat

the soup is really nice it's kinda sweet 
i like it alot too

Chocolate Fondue
 marshmallow , berry , strawberry , 4 chocolate
eclair , oreo cake , chocolate cake 

this is final by that time we're already very full
but i can't resist it there are still alot of food 
and desserts we didn't get to try as we're like 
stomach going to explode anytime :x

there's some other food i didn't take picture of
like beef steak , oyster , fried bun with ice cream 

one thing worth to mention
 it's Häagen-Dazs ice cream !

over all i think $40 per pax really worth it 

City Square Mall #05-05/06
 Tel : 6509 1193

 ( Farrer Park Mrt Station )

for more information you can check below

next time i wanna go
Danro by MOF !

by the way 
yesterday was our 40th monthsary 
may we last long <3