Friday, August 16, 2013

Pretty Cat &

remember this cat in my previous post 

the next day another pretty cat came visit bf home
she followed us back 

but she doesn't wanna eat just roaming 
around the house and play under the table

took video of her 

she knocked her head hard
we laughed at her because you can see
she actually stun there for awhile

seriously cute !

another thing to mention
 i won a contest by

Congrats to the other 4 winner too

lucky me the prize
Hada Labo Lifting + Firming Lotion

will do a review after i receive it

by the way i will be hosting 
a international  giveaway soon

it is open for my Follower 
will update the rules on the giveaway post
there will only be 1 winner

prize will be Laline's Product

it'll be their Body Cream - Dream Cream
it come in 3 scent 

Oriental Musk
Fig Yogurt
Sandalwood Vanilla

Winner get to choose the scent she want 

i will post the contest up when everything ok

so do check back !! thank you