Friday, August 9, 2013

Long Weekend !

Yesterday was a public holiday 
Hari Raya it's a Muslim Festival 

bf's neighbor gave us food like
rendang and cookies ! 

Had both of it as breakfast and dinner
very delicious ! but i was staring at the cookies
most of the time haha i love cookies !

today is Singapore 48th Birthday
it's also a public holiday thats why 
this few days many people walking around
shopping mall , catching movie etc

tomorrow is my mum birthday

took a offday for tomorrow 
i have long weekend too 
Saturday to Monday  <3
i will blog about my mum birthday celebration
for now i need to logoff as i off work soon!
need to pack up my stuff in few more minutes time

by the way

I just create bloglovin since many of you using
now you can add me at G.F.C , Bloglovin , Google +

you can follow my facebook too but take note
i don't accept friend request as my account is public profiles
so you can just get my update by being follower :D

those that had request to add bloglovin
please give me sometime as i need to view
your comment one by one to search for your account

mostly tomorrow night or sunday ! 

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