Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review - CLIO Killer Black Eyeliner

 CLIO Killer Black Waterproof Brush Liner
Come with a free mini mascara <3

Sexy Lee Hyori On Cover

 Inner Look

Mascara Brush

i have the habit of applying mascara first before liner
because i think it's easier to apply liner this way
so below i took 3 of my own eye picture
bare follow by mascara and final liner

 before the mini mascara
 although the mascara is about the same 
as other brand but i like it as it won't stick
my eye lashes together and separate them quite well 

 sorry for the blur picture but you can see there
a increase on the length of my eye lashes 

i like mascara that can increase length 
too bad this length is not good enough

 Brush Liner

i love the liner as it's really black and easy to apply
 it's waterproof and smudge Free 

  after eyeliner

didn't really applied well as i was in a hurry
anyway i'm that kind of person who can't have
 smokey eye makeup / having thick eyeliner 
as i felt it look dirty on me

everytime after i applied eyeliner
i will still use a Q-tip to wipe off some area

compare from bare to final
not too bad :P
by the way after using for a week
i really like the tip which is not too soft but somehow
i felt that the color it not as intense as first use
 overall it's still a good buy for me :)

Cost : $25.90