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Sponsored - Vita Green Yin Yang Health Care Review


 Vita Yin Yang
The ultimate health enhancer for kidney, lung and immune functions, 
helping to achieve Yin Yang harmony.

Vita Yin Yang is made from manufactured pure cultivated cordceps
for centuries , cordyceps is one of the most precious chinese herbal medicines

my mum she have asthma and i was happy to get this 

Vita Green Yin Yang 

as it claimed to be able tonify the kidneys and lungs,
relieving symptoms such as respiratory discomfort, coughing
 and general malaise and preventing future problems 

Inner look of the box

at first i thought it would be all in a big bottle 
but was surprised to see it packed nicely

took this picture on 3rd days

went home on 25th sunday
and asked my mum for the result

she took 2 capsule every night before sleep

she felt more energetic and refresh after taking for 3 days
her asthma attack lessen and she is very pleased of the result

PRO: visible result

CON: capsule have unpleasant smell

Will Buy Again After Finish This Box
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  • Can only be found in Western China on high mountains 12,000 feet above sea level. Vita Green commercialized it by cultivation. Vita Yin Yang contains 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps and is sold at an affordable price.

  • 1 capsule = 15 wild cordyceps  (in terms of active ingredient) 
  • The best health supplement for nasal allergy as it Tonifies the Lung and Nourishes Kidney Yin. According to Chinese Medicine, deficiency of the Lung and Kidney (ubiquitous among city dwellers due to air pollution) create problems in the respiratory system. Vita Yin Yang tonifies kidney and lung therefore helps reduce symptoms and prevent respiratory problems.
  •  Excellent for battling air pollution, and a must for smokers to protect the lung
  • Dosage: For health maintenance, 1 capsule daily. For health improvement, 2-3 capsules daily. 60 capsules per box. Available at all Guardian stores. 
  • Original Price: $109. Introductory price: $99.
  •  No side effects. Made in Hong Kong
  •  Tip: Vita Yin Yang can be used to boil herbal tonic soups by pouring the Cordyceps powder out of the capsule into the tonic soups.
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Wayne Lai is a famous actor in hong kong

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