Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Post

Yesterday bf came to look for me after work
ate astons for dinner yes i always complaint 
about how i dislike their food but well ..
 i was craving for potato wedges

i had char grill chicken
potato wedges , mac and cheese for side

while bf had double up chicken
double mac and cheese for side

was very full after that can't really finish it
thanks bf for the treat anyway 

went back to bf home and after shower etc
we watch new hong kong drama series

 Triumph in the Skies 2

today i ate hashbrown and spicy potato with rice
as yesterday we had heavy meal and i think 
i need to have my diet meal and plan back 

by the way this meal cost me $3 expensive potato 

very long period never eat fruits 
exercise and do workout since bf stopped
i also stopped but he doing again and so

i guess it's time for me
 reset and ready to go 

i shall starts to kick unhealthy food out
and invite more beans , fruits , buck wheat 

 view from bf's room 
so peaceful

thats all for now
will update the address
 of optical i went on next post