Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All About Food !!

i'm back to post something more random
good nice food by my mum and such

7th nov

my grandma's 1st death anniversary
after that went to eat breakfast with family
slacked for quite awhile after we reached home
 until late afternoon mum gave me kiwi and soup

 sweet kiwi instead of sour type , very nice
  Borscht Hong Kong Style (罗宋汤)

went to wait for bf off work and
 ate express sushi at somerset

something unhappy happened while we
were waiting bus and we ignored each other for few days

this Xperia z1 had so much noise compared to my old S2 phone
but well can't do anything about it so just forget it haha :)

9th Nov 

was feeling quite depressed and my hair straightener
 dead while i using half way and rushing for work 

called my mum to ask her help me
 deliver the one at home to my work place 
that afternoon , had lunch together with
my parent and went back to work

10th nov

 was really busy at work didn't even have time
 for lunch break , i received a wadsapp text 
from my mum i can't post here as it's too mushy 

i'm sorry for letting them worried , 
but just wanna say i love them too :)

 Chamomile Blend Tea
 Haagen dazs ice cream !
  so many choice

 cherry jam donut

 colored rice donut  - my fav
Bird Nest Soup

another blur picture 

this friday will be going to concert
if nothing goes wrong , looking forward !

anyway have you all redeem the
hurry and redeem it before it finished !
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