Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sponsored Review - Bio-essence HYDRA TRI-ACTION Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

when you see this pretty lady
Linda Chung From Hong Kong
you know we're talking about Bio-Essence today

look i got my new sponsored item for review!
so excited to try! before that it's samplestore packaging again

of cos i can't let you know the address :p


 bottom of the packaging i didn't realize this before

blur picture but anyway for a better view of it look below

 very nice color of the box and bottle !

 sealed and so it's so white just like any other mask :D

 i have all the 4 common problem mentioned above !

ok lets see the review now !

i'm sure this is quite enough for the face 
but i'm trying on the hand for you to see 

after spread out it actually look like this 
texture like matte feeling or  like a layer of jelly 
so i kept on massage it until ....

look at those aqua droplets ! its very cooling and really interesting !
can feel my skin very smooth after that and it got a very light fragrance
 not oily or sticky at all , it does moisturizes my skin

use it on my face
 felt my skin more radiant the next morning too
really in love with this awesome product

i'm using sony xperia z1 camera
the front camera has alot of noise  
but i guess it's ok not too bad

if you actually really take times to read all the 
information above i believe you won't missed out 
anything including the retail price right :D 

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 now you can redeem this free sample from

(starting from 18th Nov) 
 while stock lasts, 1st come 1st serve basis

 Very Big Thank You To

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