Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Past Picture 2008 to latest

Hi everyone ! 
i'm back to post some past picture
 of mine using handphone camera

from 2008

Me & Yvonne

 Dec 2009

March 2010

i'm missing this hairstyle

  May 2010

 July 2010

 Aug 2010
 Aug 2010

 Dec 2010

 Jan 2011

this hair color is still my fav. color

 Feb 2011

 March 2011

March 2011

 May 2011

i have to cover my bf face since
 he might not want to be known
i have thick long hair back then

July 2011

Oct 2011

  Nov 2011

 Nov 2011

March 2012
July 2012 

   Oct 2012
when i started to keep short hair

April 2013

2nd day after bf helped me to dye my hair

 Latest 2013

didn't really take much picture for 2013
mostly for review picture only  

i want to have long hair again!

this coming thursday is my grandma
1st death anniversary seriously i'm am
still upset that she's gone for forever

somehow i'm quite disappointed
seem like only my family will be 
attending this actual date while the rest
 doesn't seem to give a fuc* about it 

sick and tired of all their excuses
no matter grandma is alive or gone
its still forever the same 

i still dream of grandma sometimes
 i felt bad after that because i missed her so much

anyway i am looking forward to thursday
and next tuesday will be going mimoji with bf again

yummy food ~

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