Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Ok Rock Concert ^.^

had a nice day on 22th nov

that day i tried to wear contact lens after stopped
for 3 months due to infection and it's good that 
everything is alright, no redness or pain

i forgot to take picture without the lens 
you can view my past post to compare
below is after wearing this nice lens 

Sweetie Brown 
Water Content : 42%
DIA : 14.5
B.C: 8.6

i like this contact lens it made my eyes super big
it's very comfortable like i'm not wearing any lens
bf called this as " cheat code " as it enlarged my eyes alot

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after that i'm supposed to buy dinner to bf work place
before 6.30pm and travel to ONE OK ROCK concert venue
with him at 7pm but i'm stuck in traffic jam and the bus
broke down once at town area for awhile !

only managed to reached there at 6.45pm 
 bf knocked off earlier and went to have dinner himself
he bought kebab wrap for me so i can eat while we walk
 to the station , on the way he bought a cup of chocolate ice cream too

our tickets !

bf took this picture before the concert start

the concert is awesome , but i'm not those kind of
person who will actually do stuff like jumping or whatever
no matter whose concert , i'm always like a " stone " person
so bf was like commenting that i'm a true " hard rock " fans 

if you get what he means

had lemon barley after the concert

end of the day , very bad picture as picture not taken a bright places

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this few days the pretty cat that came bf home some times ago 
always appeared at the lift level , super cute

 there's another playful cat and while i walked to the stair
both of them followed me and it became like this

 you know what happened ?

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